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FINALLY! I have seen Above & Beyond LIVE Dec. 1st, 2006 @ 01:38 am
I've seen my share of trance DJs in the US: DJ Micro, Christopher Lawrence, Tiesto, Sandra Collins, Ferry Corsten, Filo & Peri, The Thrillseekers, and Gabriel & Dresden.

But you know what made all those nights just shrink pitifully in comparison?

Above & Beyond live!!!

This had to be the best night I've ever had for pretty much as long as I can remember. Once the opening DJ, Wyatt Earp, finished (which seemed like he went on forever) and they got up around 11:40, I didn't recognize them at first. Probably because I was keeping an eye out for Paavo but then realized (Holy nuggets! That's Jono and Tony) but they threw on some house tracks... interesting. Now I have gone to see Filo & Peri expecting beautiful trance but all they played was progressive house... but that's a story for a later day. Anyways, then it built into Air For Life. The dancefloor was packed! I was suddenly impressed that this many people in Denver knew of this track. Then into a version of Black is the Colour I hadn't heard before. Then it just kept building...

Then they played their first full-on trance track. Now I can't remember what it was but it was damn good! I checked my watch to see that happily a little more then 15 minutes passed since they got up... that meant over two more house of this?! HELL YES! I heard some classics by them (such as Razorfish I believe) but shocked I didn't hear any Oceanlab (at least to my knowledge). Then the greatest vocal trance song ever came on! Well maybe not... greatest ever, but it was damn good! But I had never heard it before!! I don't know what it was >.< It sounded like the vocalist from I Can't Sleep but had the energy of Satellite. I was confused, but danced my ass off. Trying to get eye contact with them, showing them heart symbols, and screaming out "I LOVE JONO!!" was most of my dancefloor activities and I wasn't the only one doing this.


I guess, when it's done proper, lol. Now I wanted to get to talk to my idols that remixed my first ever loved trance song (Fragma - Every Time You Need Me) and was originally going to wait till the end. I decided against that. I took out my Euphonic copy of Air For Life and went over behind the ladder to the DJ booth. Looking up in awe at Jono flipping through his CDs, I got the courage to start to walk up, held my CD and sharpie high... still no luck. I then fwapped it against the table of his CD binder. YAY! He saw me! The greatest part ever?! HE KNEW WHO I WAS! Yes, Jono Grant remembered me from the forums. I was so thrilled. I can't remember what I said to him... probably a lot of incoherent nonsense, but that's okay! I got to talk to my idol! He signed my CD and said "T-O-B-O-E?" Yes, he remembered my spelling! Which like, no one else can do. He then got Tony to sign it too. My friend who gave me the ride there climbed up the ladder as well and was cheering for me and them and he handed Jono a copy of a mix demo I made and i was like "OMG! I could give that to him!" and I did. He was happy to receive it and I would love to hear what he thinks of it! WOW! The DJs that got me into trance reviewing how I mix?! That's a dream right there. Hell, them just taking my CD was flattering.

I told Jono things like how I lvoed him and his music and howe I wanted to have his baby then I asked "Could you play my favorite song by you... Let the Light Shine In?" He said he was already looking for it but it was on an unlabeled CDr. I was like "YES! Thank you! Play that and I'll be thrilled." I heard a great track and climbed down and went to the dancefloor. Some other great trance track probably not even released yet I really got into. Then that familiar beat hit.... could it be? Already?!


Let the Light Shine In came on!! YES! OMG YES YES YES! Not only was I losing it (yes I was totally sober) but everyone else was too! Wow I had NEVER heard that song played in a club (only very loud in my headphones) and danced as hard as I could. That song has the best synth riff ever! I was so happy everyone else seemed to be enjoying the song at least half as I was (which is saying a damn lot) and I couldn't have been happier.

It was almost time for them to end... before they did, they threw on Alone Tonight which mean and four guys did our own rendition of it singing horribly along to the song... ohhhh it was great. Other people in the US knew the lyrics too?! Hell yes! There's hope for this country after all. Sadly... no Can't Sleep, but I can't complain. This was easily the best club night ever of my life!! They ended with the beautiful track on their Tri-State album Good For Me. The lights turned on and I knew the night of pure ecstasy had ended. I went over with my friend to behind the DJ booth again to see this group of screaming fans trying to get Jono's attention and get signatures (which they were). Then something happened I had never seen another DJ do... he climbed down into the group!!! YES! He descended amongst the choas to meet and talk with and sign Tri-State flyers for his many fans! Every other DJ I've seen at the church stays up in the booth where it's safe, lets people get a few dozen sigs, then security shuffles everyone out... Jono and Tony did it much more different and I was thrilled. I said my goodbyes to Jono Grant and headed out kind of in this pure afterglow state...
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Need help with ride and place to stay Thursday Nov. 12th, 2006 @ 12:52 am
Hi all. I'm very excited that I pulled enough things together to be able to go to my first furry convention. I will be flying in Thursday night and desperately need a ride from O'Hare to the hotel and a place to crash (floorspace is fine, and I'm small). I have things planned for the weekend, but just need help Thursday. If anyone could help a lil' wolf out, that'd be great. Email me at james(at)djtoboe.com or IM me on AIM or Yahoo at djtoboe. Thanks in advance!

- Toboe

Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 04:39 pm
YAY! I'm updating my journal again =) Well I'm feeling better now that I have my passport, I have a small sense of freedom, even though I have no car

Since I haven't had a car, I've been getting a lot of vinyls ripped so I have the music while I'm in europe. I'm also looking into getting a flight there via a carrier service. If you know anything about this website or used it before please let me know: http://www.aircourier.org. I'm thinking of going with them.

In more news, I talked to my webhost and he said that I might be able to have my own shoutcast server on my website! This means that I will be mixing more, doing more live sets, and having more mixes available on my website. My website is also being redone professionally by Zero-Five.net. They're really good with Flash and PHP and if you need an affordable yet professionally looking website, look into them.

As for me? I'm still holding onto my job and trying to get everything sorted for Europe. Yes, it does look pretty definite now, especially that I have my passport. I'm really scared, but excited at the same time. Richard is a great person and I'll be able to stay with his family until me and him get a place together. Europe has dance clubs (That play dance music!), a better economy, more jobs, higher payrates, better government... I could go on and on about why I'm looking forward to visiting/moving. I will miss quite a few people though by leaving... I managed to get out of my nest, stay out for a couple of years, then came back into the nest =( So finally, time to get out again. I just hope I can have enough money... stupid foreign exchange rates.

I can't really think of anything else significant. I saw War of the Worlds. It was pretty good until it ended. The movie seemed most interested in showing people die then actually moving the plot along (and spending a third of the movie in a basement is just absurd!) Then again, I don't like most alien movies, so that might be why too.

Well I'm off. I'll talk to you all later =)
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Trancin' To: Random trance from beatport.com

Crappy events Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 03:44 pm
I thought I'd update you with crap that has happened recently right after A-Kon
  • Got in an intimate relationship with someone one day after meeting them, only to find out they have a live-in lover a couple days later. The drama crap still continues.
  • Totaled my Honda Accord at night thanks to a towed Jeep Grand Cherokee that decided to not have any lights on (pictures to be posted after claim is settled) Currently has to beg mom to borrow her car just to do things with friends. And also, the chest pains aren't any fun either.
  • Was going to enjoy having my own hotel room for a few weeks before going off to europe, but totaled car and new friends confuse decision making process (and also still waiting on my passport).
  • Guy friend in the UK has his own father doing awful in the hospital and that's never a good thing.
  • Toboe commission artists not getting paid work done for me and avoiding all contact.
But I can't just be negative all the time... the are good things going on... let's see
  • Still have job
  • Still have money (a good amount too)
  • Being allowed to stay at mom's longer due to having no car... hopefully not much longer. I'd like to have my own life at some point.
  • Loads of new friends, yay! Even though so much drama has been brought into my life due to them, it's good to have admirers
  • New english Wolf's Rain doujinshi coming out shortly by Studio Plug'n Play. YAY!
There you have it. I might post pictures of the accident after the claim... to sum it up, my car is completely trashed and I am not dead. So that's good... I think. At least me and my mom work at the same place, so we can carpool... I just can't jam my music that loud with her in the car XD

Also, I am trying to get a "rave" together for my new friends and my old, loyal friends as well. Once I have details, I will post them. If you can help out with getting me a venue, that would be great. Comment away =)
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A-Kon!! Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 10:48 am
Well A-Kon was a blast! Out of the 4 conventions I went to this year, easily the best one. I took Friday off from work and left Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, the trip there went well (no tickets!) and I got to the con around 8 and was able to get registered. I didn't pre-register, and I didn't feel so bad about that because the pre-reg line was at least 2 hours long and for the registration line, I just had to walk up and pay. I was surprised at how many people were there already. They also had the arcade area set up already with 4 versions of DDR, Para Para Paradise, Initial D, and several other arcade games. Unfortunately, they weren't free. I was able to stay in the apartment of one of my mom's friends for free, so I went there after I was all registered. The next day the place was packed! I did run into several other Wolf's Rain cosplayers! First I ran into Cheza:

And then some of the other characters! Surprisingly, no Kiba. He is so easy to cosplay as too, if you get the hair right ^_^

Then I met a wolf Toboe. I wish she tucked in her head collar for this pic though:

I met up with Keiichi Radio and we all went to the Spagetti Wherehouse together on a rail. It was funny! At the restaurant, I ordered a cherry Coke and they said they didn't have it, and I said they could put grenadine in

it and that would be fine and they said they could do that. Then 3 other people ordered the same thing! "Oh wow, that does sound good!" I was quite flattered ^_^ In good news, I got a slot on their radio if I send them a set and a possible gig at Anime Fest! This would be truly awesome! So, I go back and then realize something horrible! My satchel is missing. I thought back and realized I left it at the restaurant. I jumped in the car, and after 30 minutes of driving around aimlessly, I found the restaurant, and was able to get it back. YAY! Which was good since it had commissions I had bought, my car stereo faceplate, and my camera (along with doujinshi!) So I was lucky to get it back. I was running down the streets of West End Dallas in a panic to the restaurant, so imagine how upset I was when I got back to A-Kon and realized my badge had fallen off sometime during that. I walked to the security desk at A-Kon and they said that registration was closed and I would have to go tomorrow morning at 10 AM to get another one if I could show my receipt, which I fortunately had. But I was so upset still, I didn't have my badge and the concert was that night! I tucked the empty lanyard in my shirt and managed to get past security, lol. I was able to enjoy a GREAT concert by the J-Pop/eurobeat group Dream and also the great DJ set with DJ Boss from the club Velfarre in Japan. He played some great eurobeat!

The next day I went to registration and showed them my receipt, but they said I would have to come back on the hour because they said they'd have to humiliate me first in front of everyone... oh boy was I excited. I came back to find 4 other people who also lost their badges. We all had to line up in front of the long line to purchase badges and sing and do all the hand motions to "I'm a little tea cup." As if that wasn't enough, we then had to get on our knees to the registration person and beg for our badges. lol, fortunately, we all got them. Most of Saturday I spent going to panels on drawing and CGing. I got quite a few Toboe commissions as well. I'll have them on my website once it's up, but they're really good! Here is one of my favorites. Art belongs to Kit "Kitty" Ingram for No Style Studios.

Then came the art auction. This was a lot of fun, but during the Saturday dance, but fortunately, it ended in time for me to still go to plenty of the dance. One Toboe pic that I wanted went to the auction (the other one I got in the silent auction). Of course, it was one of the last ones up. Immediatly, someone bidded on it. It only had a high bid of $10 during the silent auction, but someone immediatly said $20. And then I said $30 and they came back with $40 so I bumped it up to $50, which was my max, and then they went up to $60! The guy next to me, we had been talking some. Anyways, he handed me $30 and told me to bid $75. I did and I won it for that! I can't believe he just gave me money. He told me he just wanted to see someone win something that he knew. I'm still in thanks for his kind gesture. Other pieces at this auction included a nice CG print of Inuyasha and Kagome and it went for $400! I couldn't believe it! The artist practically fainted when it went up that high. This Full Metal Alchemist of Roy and Ed playing guitar went for $250. Everyone wanted it, lol, except me, and the bidding got up to $80 quickly, and this lady behind me said "$250!" Man, that shot EVERYONE down. lol, yes she did win it.

The dance was fun! One of the DJs didn't play such great music, but this other DJ got on and played ALL Japanese music, including Ayumi, HAL, and some other great ones. I danced my butt off, it was great! Then the music got bad and I went outside and started talking to this guy who was quite an interesting character. He had the guts to wear a short in big words that said "YAOI" on it and he had a pink leash around his neck, lol. I found out he also lived in Austin. We said we would meet up and talk more the next day. Sunday, when I woke up, I panicked! It was past noon and I knew I had to pick up my art at 2 hours ago! I quickly got dressed and hauled ass to the convention. I got there panting just to see a line for the art show room. I asked the guy at the door and he told me that I could still get my art, they're just letting in 3 people at a time. I sighed in relief and waited the 30 minutes I had to in the line and got all my artwork =) I learned a lesson though... if you love the picture at the silent auction, PAY THE BUY IT NOW PRICE! If a picture gets one bid, you can't buy it, but have to bid. Once a piece gets more than 3 bids, it goes to live auction. Although, art doesn't always have a buy it now price. Because the Buy-it-Now price of the Toboe pic was something around $10 or $15. But hey, I probably made the artist really happy ^_^ After hanging around some more and going through the dealer's room one last time, I went back home. On the way there, I got a lust for a slushie and stopped at a Dairy Queen and got a lemon ice. On my way out, I saw a van pull in with lines like "Naruto Rocks!" and "We own Toboe!" and "A-Kon or bust!" So I looked at the people coming out, and I saw the yaoi guy and he screamed "TOBOE!" and ran towards me and gave me the biggest glomp I got all weekend (or in my life for that matter, lol). I almost fell over. My lemon ice flew 10 feet and hit the parking lot (but amazingly, stayed intact so I could eat it.) Me and them were having fun talking about Wolf's Rain, yaoi, showing each other pictures, etc. We all agreed to meet up some time. Here we are:

So yes, it was great fun =)
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» (No Subject)
Crap, where have I been?!

Busy busy busy... I'll make this quick.

  • Still holding job! YAY!

  • Going to A-Kon this weekend as Toboe again, YAY! I'll be going alone, but hope to meet up with several people once I get there.

  • Plans on moving have suddenly escalated. I will be moving out of my parents house (YAY!) and they're putting me up in a hotel for 2 weeks for me to get somewhere and go through all my junk. Where? I'm thinking Manchester, England, but it's not in stone yet

  • My co-worker actually agreed to translate my Wolf's Rain Artbook. I guess he's bored or something. I'll take him out to lunch a few times ^_^

  • In more news, co-worker might be getting me an HK PSP. Oh yes, quality right here, lol. He might get it for between $80 and $100. He's getting like 3 in.

  • My friend is currently converting and subbing this Wolf's Rain movie he got. He said it was made several years before the anime. None of the characters are really the same, but it's kind of the same premise. I'll post screenies once I get it for proof.

Hopefully I'll update more often... hopefully.
» (No Subject)
I am loving this new song I downloaded from truemp3s.com and I'm hoping it will come out soon so I can buy it. It's by Aven and called Making Me Fall. Both mixes are great. The original high energy mix and the proggy Adam Sheridan Remix ^^

Also, making headway on the Wolf's Rain series. I'm up through episode 24. Now to watch the final 4, I will have to find a working VCR... I think there's one in the storage unit... blech.

This is why I can't stay beside you
The walls are closing in I'm falling
This is why I can't be praying with you
The streets are filled with life
I'm lonely...

You're making me fall
This is why I can't stay with you
Making up for love
This is why I can't forget
Making up for all the ways I've tried
Making up for love
I'm running home for shelter

This is my heart
Time is out of reach I'm sinking
This is why I promised to be near you
But the time is set to be ending
I saw your eyes
I'm a stranger inside

» Keyhole.com is awesome!
I got these various satellite photos with this great program from keyhole.com called well... keyhole. It's a really advanced program that comes with a 7 day trial and only $39 a year after that... once you've played with it for 5 minutes, you'll be convinced. Here are some images I got.

My parents' house where I am temporarily living... well it's there trust me.

Dell... this is where I work ^^

Eternal Nightclub... where I used to spin.

Vinyl Frontier... where me and Sekioh went to buy some vinyls in Orlando, FL ^^
» Japanese Windows XP
This just looks cool =) Click to see the full image.

» (No Subject)
Wow, it wasn't until I showed a friend my livejournal that I realized how outdated it is. So, I am updating it. You may be surprised, but I am still working at Dell and testing printers. I had a great time at Megacon 2005 in Florida with my friend. I did have my share of adventures though. Like for one, my tire blowing up on the way back, lol, that sucked. Fortunately there are still nice people in the world and someone stopped and helped me get back on the road. So what's my current dilemma? I can't decide what I want to do about moving yet! I know Texas isn't for me, but where else? Florida, is of course, an option and I have a great friend there. Another thing is I don't really want to give up my dream of living in Europe, and as I've posted before, my mom is still willing to help me visit there. I need to get my passport there. So what would I do?

Fly into Denmark and hang out there for a few days with my friend Mikker (mentioned in a post last year). I would then check out the Netherlands, and hang out with DJ Joop hopefully and maybe even Benno of Rank 1. He said I might be able to see his studio. Now that would be cool! I would then take a ferry over to the UK and see 3 other friends. My good friend Stu is there along with Richard and John. This would be a fun trip! The only thing is I'd have to either wait till my assignment at work ends, drop it, or maybe get the time off. I'm really not sure what to do yet.

In more news, I have purchased djtoboe.com and it now links to my main website. I've had a lot of people tell me that DJ Toboe is better than DJ Hoyt (and I happen to agree with them) so I think I'll make it a permanent change.

My next dilemma... Kamikazecon is coming up, and I'm not sure if I want to redo my shirt or not. I really want to lower the pockets below my collar but that would mean undoing a lot of stitching. But hey, I want to look as close to Toboe's outfit as I can. I would have to get it done within the next 2 weeks though. Hmmm... should be possible.
» NOT sexy awesome
Right after I posted my last entry, I managed to knock my Treo 300 off my desk and I watched in shock as it shattered onto the floor... breaking the top flippy thing off and broke the wires to the speaker in the flippy thing so... no more phone. But alas, maybe it will be cheap to get a reconditioned one through Sprint. Someone was telling me that it's only $45 to have it "repaired" but it's actually replaced with a reconditioned unit... I hope he's right, because these phones still sell on ebay for $100 or so... and those are used! Blech.
» Stupid quizzes are keeping me occupied
You scored as Kiba. Kiba, from the gory anime "Wolf's Rain," is your kindred spirit. A mysterious wolf (not to mention sexy among teenage anime nerds), you are determined to get where you're going.








What Anime Character Are You?
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Only three results... but I'm happy that a character from wolf's rain was one of them =)
» Wolf's Rain Voice Actors/Actresses!

Mona Marshall - Voice of Toboe

Crispin Freeman - Voice of Tsume

Yes! Hopefully it's true! Kamikazecon is considering getting Mona Marshall (voice of Toboe) and Crispin Freeman (voice of Tsume) to their convention at the end of March! They have a two voting topics (one on each) where you can vote for them on their forums. Oh I really hope one of them comes!!
» Oh my god... they didn't...
They Did!

Someone with Keiichi Radio got a video of the Saturday Night techno dance at Ushicon 4... assuming I was up there dancing for 3 hours... they probably have footage of me as Toboe dancing. You know how incredibly embarrassing that is? Well I want to see what they have to blackmail me with, so I requested for the person who took the video to upload it to my FTP... and she said yes. lol, so if it is not too horrible, I'll post it here for you all.
» Lasgo - Far Away

If only that percentage off were true...

Well I sampled all the tracks on PeterLuts.com and... and... it's bad. It's like about 70% of the songs are 80's synth pop. I don't know what got into him. Now there are two tracks on the album that are so incredibly good... it's like... well they're good! They are Far Away and Yesterday. This is too trancey for Peter Luts... quite shocking. I'll have to check to see if on the album these are extended versions or edits, since that will make the decision on rather I want to buy it or not. The synth-pop songs are just... so bad. I couldn't pay $14 for a CD t hat only had two radio edits I like.
» Japanese has sparked an interest
Well, I think I'm finally going to do it. I have too many Wolf's Rain doujinshi to just let sit there being untranslated. The translator I have now is really busy and doesn't have time to really work on it. So I've decided to try to translate them myself. I found these cool kits at HowToDrawManga.com!

Pretty cheap considering =) Looks like they approach it in a very easy and understandable way. Also these books are good to have...

I'll let you know how they are =)
» Yes... sadly, this was me in high school.
You scored as Geek.




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Ghetto gangsta








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» Ushicon 2005!!

Well the convention was a lot of fun! It was my first time going to a convention and my first time cosplaying. As you can see, I went as Toboe from Wolf's Rain (who else) and I was surprised how well my outfit came out! I did a search on cosplaylab.com, and mine was definitely one of the better ones. Here is the gallery I promised you all:

I finished the outfit Thursday night. The next morning, I just decided to go to work as Toboe, so I wouldn't have to go by home or waste precious convention time changing. So on Friday I got off from work and went to pick up Evelyn (who played Blue) and we hauled over to the Renaissance.

We got there just in time for the drawing class. From there, the convention went really well! I wasn't impressed with the dealer room at first, but I wasn't looking that hard. I can't remember all the classes I attended Friday, but I had a lot of fun! I then went to the Artists Gallery and finally got to meet Gynocrat of Studio Plug 'n Play. I didn't waste any time buying her first Wolf's Rain english doujinshi. I'm still savoring it... on page 4 so far, lol. I talked to her for a bit then hung out and got my pictures taken by several fangirls. We went up to a hotel room that was having ice cream made with Me and Evelyn decided to get a couple drinks at the bar, and we found Gynocrat also in the lobby with a drink, so we sat with her and chatted about random pointless crap. We stayed there for awhile, because the Moonlight Masquerade was taking forever to start. When it did start, it wasn't exactly what I expected. I don't know... slow anime songs are good but I didn't enjoy it that much. Anyways, my left contact lens started irritating me (it had already fallen out once that day, so we went home.

The next day (Saturday) the first panel we went to was Manga Translation with Youkon. This was a cool class. We actually got to talk about type-setting and editing. She talked about she got started in it by working for fan circles translating unlicensed work. I talked to her about what I did (editing Wolf's Rain doujinshi by replacing the japanese with the english) and she said there's a career in that too. Something I might consider later =)

We then hung out in the dealers room and I found 5 Wolf's Rain doujinshis that I didn't have, so I picked those up. I also got 4 fan prints of the Wolf's Rain characters. We then went to a class on cosplaying, which was extremely useful since the cosplay was that night. Now this was interesting... there were about 97 people that signed up for this. Me and Evelyn just decided to do a walk-on together because in the cosplay class he made it clear to NOT plan a skit at the last minute. The whole pre-cosplay process took about 2 hours. As we waited to go on as the next skit, I was shaking. Here I am about to walk in front of a bunch of people and do poses as Toboe?? LOL Well I did it. It seemed to go pretty good. Heehee...

Later that night was the highlight... the big "techno" dance! Unfortunately, it was in a pretty small room, but since I was upfront waiting, I was able to get in. They did close it off after a certain amount of people for an hour or two. It was awesome though! They played about 5 or 6 Ayumi Hamasaki (Ayu) tracks, but not Naturally... but that was understandable since it's only a couple of months old. Other tracks I enjoyed was some good 'ole eurobeat =) I danced for about 3 hours straight. A LOT of fun. Fortunately, due to my jacket design, I was able to unzip it part way to let some air in since it was REALLY hot in that room.

I didn't do much on Sunday... not much was going on. We attended the yaoi panel and then hung out with Gynocrat some more. We ended up leaving while the closing ceremonies started since it was basically a Q&A. So yes, I had a blast! And I'm already planning for the next one in March in Houston. Should be fun!
» Oh really? I'd have to see that.
Which LJ friend will give you an orgasm by holdmylips
Who Will Make You Moanspektra
Will It Be Good?Yes
Quiz created with MemeGen!

» Ushicon!
I'm going to cover this more in depth with pics in my next post, but for now I'm just going to say that Ushicon 2005 was so awesome! I had so much fun! It was my first time cosplaying and my first anime convention! I can't wait for the next one in March! I got a lot of attention as Toboe, and I think my outfit was right on, except for the mis-matched colors of my knee patches. Other than that, really good!

But I am tired and must head to bed. Look for my next post within the next day =)
» McDonalds =P
Well I went to McDonald's for my first morning break (at 12:30, lol) and got myself a QPC combo. Brought it back, sat down to eat and... they screwed up! They put everything on it. If anyone knows me in real life, you know I have to have my burgers plain. I don't know why... it's just how I am. So I use my second break to drive up and get them to fix it. I walk in in my Toboe outfit and I said nicely "I just got to work to find out my plain cheeseburger well... it's not plain. And if you could... get me some new fries too" They went to work getting me a new one, and the cashier just kind of smiled at me and said "Aww... you haven't eaten lunch today?" I told her no and smiled and the other lady handed me the burger and the fries. "Would you like a new drink with that too??" I happily said yes that the one at work was probably watery by now. She handed me a new drink cup and apologized several times and I just smiled and said it was okay.

To me... this was all weird. Because I was pissed that they screwed up... but once i got there I wasn't. I usually get bitchy about these kind of things. But they were so nice, so I wasn't upset at all.
» Done!
Yes! My outfit got completed in time! I just hope I can get off early at 3:30 so I can get to the convention. That's only 30 minutes early, so it shouldn't be a problem. And yes, I am sitting at work right now in my Toboe outfit... minus the bracelets. I'll put those on before the con. Contacts in and everything! I found a much easier way to put them in, and now I don't have any problems with them. Still takes me about 5 minutes to put them in... but much better than an hour and a half. Heehee...
» As close to Toboe as I'll ever get

Well, yesterday I spent an hour and a half at the eye doctor. The lady put a contact in my eye, had me take it out and put it in. Then she had me put a contact in the left eye. Even though this entire process took from 5:30 to 6:50... she still let me take them home. Surprise! I went over to Evelyn's and we grabbed dinner. My left contact started bothering me, and I had her look at it. She said that it was all the way in one corner! I quickly got it out (WOW!) and ran to the car to put it in the solution. I then had only one contact in my eye and I went to the bathroom to put it in. After 10 minutes of trying, I gave up and just took out the right one and put on my glasses. My eyes still don't like anything in them. We then went to dye my hair. I was going to have it done professionally, but I decided to just get the dye myself from Sally's and have Evelyn do it for me. I got professional dye, so it's the same stuff the hair specialist would use anyways. Well that was actually successful. My hair is now reddish-brown... more red then brown. I then put in some moose and "fluffed" it with a volumizing brush and a hair dryer... came out quite good =)

I went home to find my mom asleep already, so I couldn't help her any with my jacket. This morning I got up and she had it all ready for me to try on. Fit pretty good! All I need to do is widen the front pockets (HARD! I'll have to redo them) and then she needs to sew up the sleeves. Some of the things on the shirt are a little off... but nothing more than an inch, so it's not really an issue. If I ever get highly inspired, I can fix it for the convention in Dallas, but I mean you can tell who I'm dressing up as and I think I have the best Toboe shirt/jacket I've seen =) Next I'll have to put the belt loops in the pants and add the patches. So almost there! I'll have it done just in time. I'm not sure if I can go to the Ushi-something tonight at 7, but I'd rather have my outfit all done in time for Friday morning.

Yes, I'm going to work as Toboe that day. LOL At least my co-workers will be amused :-P
» Contacts...

GRRR!! I went to the eye doctor yesterday to get myself some contact lenses for the first time in my life. I thought this would be fairly easy, except for getting used to having them in. Boy was I wrong... having them in is easy... putting them in and taking them out is another thing entirely! I was told that I was a great candidate for contacts and that I could see 20/20 with them. I was excited! Then he pulled out a box and got out a contact and told me to lean my headback as he put them in. So here he is hovering his finger above my eye then he tells me to look down? ACK! After I blinked it out several times, he finally got it in... then the other one. Wow! With them in I saw great, and I could read the 20/20 line on his eye chart. Then he said I was all set and sent me out to the front where one of his assistants would show me how to put them in. I thought it would just be slightly more difficult then eye drops... no. She took me to a separate room and must've shown me 4 different ways to just take them out, and I couldn't! The two assistants took turns standing in the room watching me as I struggled. 45 minutes later, they get the doctor to come and show me. He then shows me a few ways and shows me some training to do by bringing my finger close to my eye without touching it... surprisingly, he said I was touching my eyeball (well the contacts on my eyeball) without me knowing. But no... I still couldn't do it. After struggling with it for quite awhile, it neared around 6 or so, and they said I could come back tomorrow (which would be today). Gosh, I'm so nervous! I hope I can get them in today. My god I didn't think it would be this hard. I think after hearing some encouraging words from friends and family, I should be able to get myself to. If not, I'm going to the convention as a blind Toboe... not exactly what I want.
» So I haven't seen it all yet! Give me time =P

It really is frustrating. I am a fan of this series (Wolf's Rain) two years too late, and it seems like everyone else has finished it! I have only just finished the recollection episodes, so I am quite a bit behind. I don't have cable, so I couldn't watch it off of Adult Swim, and I also just found all the fansubs two weeks ago. I have volume 5... so I need to watch that this weekend.

But to go through forums and see all these topics called [Spoiler] Why'd it have to end that way? and [Spoiler] What happened to Blue? and various other topics that just keep telling you that it has a bad ending, and I know I am not looking forward to it. I have considered watching it through episode 26 and going "There! That wasn't so bad" but I know that won't be possible for me. My goal is to complete the series before Ushicon, but I wonder if after seeing the last few episodes if I could even make it to work the next day.

If anyone comments, don't talk about the ending or any part of it =P I have had many people offer to tell me how it ends but I'm like "No! Don't! Shut up! SHUT UP NOW!" and so far they've listened. Soon I'll have the series done and won't have to worry about it, but I'll probably need therapy after seeing it all =(

I just noticed that my past 5 entries all have at least one pic of Toboe in it, haha =P

You know it took me long enough, but it was worth the wait! I landed a job at Spherion @ Dell in the inkjet printer test lab testing photo printers... more specifically, their drivers. The job pays the considerably more than I've ever made in my life, and it's fun! It still has the same troubleshooting aspect like tech-support, except that i'm not on the phone. Much nicer.

Less than two weeks till Ushicon, and my hair isn't as long as I want it to be, also the coloring I did just added red to my hair... it didn't make it auburn. So I'm going to have it professionally done, and my hair is pretty close. At least it will be good for A-Kon. I've started on the shirt, and everything else is ready!

Well forget Nuno's, I got a gig at Eternal Nightclub right next door to them! I'll be spinning next Saturday from like 9 to hopefully as late as 11. Come for hte greatest trance! It's on 6th Street right after Neches. Hope to see some friends there =)
» If the road of life was simple and easy, where would the surprises come from?

Well something has happened that might effect my moving decision... but it's good. I recently was offered an opportunity to apply for a job with Spherion @ Dell in testing printers.... for more money then I have ever made in my entire life. This job would only be temporary, but would allow me to get rid of all my credit cards and my car loan. What relief that would be! This would be a temporary job that lasts only for 1500 hours so maybe by then I could do something... but if I got the job I doubt my mom would let me stay here until I decided to move so I'd probably have to go the usualy roommate route or get a cheap apartment... I'll make those decisions when the time comes. Right now, I just need to pass the big test tomorrow, then I'll take the interview later that week.

In more news, I am redoing my entire website. It will have an entire new focus... on music. It won't be about music videos anymore. I expect this site to be up by the end of this week. Go to djhoyt.com for more info.

I will also be going to Ushicon next year and cosplaying as Toboe of Wolf's Rain! I got the tickets ordered already. They were quite cheap! I just hope my hair makes it in time. I got a little over a month and the barber thought I will be able to make it.

Well! I have been busy lately. I went to Florida the past week or so to explore it as an alternative to living in Austin, and also to see a good friend of mine I hadn't met before. It all went really well! But then, Bush "won," so I have no idea of what to do. I vowed that if he was re-elected, I would move to Europe, and now, I also really like Florida so that makes everything quite confusing of what to do with my life. I currently have no job and am living off unemployment (quite well actually), and now I'm applying to jobs in Austin, Orlando, and looking at jobs in Denmark and The Netherlands.

So here's the Cliff's Notes version of Florida

As you all know, I have been looking for a place to move that is not in Texas. Well I got into the anime Wolf's Rain and became great friends with Sekioh, who I met through a Yahoo group about the anime. I found out he lived in Florida, and I was curious in moving there anyways since they have a great music scene and Austin sucks. So after gaining his trust, what do I do? I pack up some clothes, my Xbox, and some of my favorite CDs and jump in the car at 6 AM start my 16 hour trek to Florida, but not before spending some time with my friend Aaron. Unfortunately, his parents wouldn't trust me, so I'd be staying in a cheap hotel for around $30 a night in Wildwood. Wildwood is a small city about 40 miles from Orlando. If I was to move, it would be Orlando, since that's where I would probably work. Oh man, the drive was long! Took me 16 hours plus the food stops and the one casino stop (which I made $70 at!), but finally, I arrived around 4 AM half dead. I was going to stop at a rest stop on the way, but every time I drove by one, well... I just told myself (only 300 more miles). The next morning I got up in my hotel and went to meet him when his school got out. Fortunately, he didn't jump out and kill then rape me (or is that rape then kill me) so good start so far! We headed to my hotel to play some Xbox. I then took him to Olive Garden which was a lot of fun. He had loosened up by then, and we were already like best friends. He told me that his family hardly ever takes him out to eat, so I felt bad for him. After the filling meal, I took him back to his place. Unfortunately, to keep meeting him, I had to tell his parents that I was living there and he already told them that we met at his school, so I hated going through this lie the whole time, but I knew it was necessary since he is only 17 so his parents still have control of him (damnit). During a day I couldn't see him, I went over to Orlando (see pics above). Of course, the first time I go to a new major city, I must go to their vinyl store, and wow was I ever impressed! I got a bunch of fresh tracks, including Lost Witness - Wait For You (See picture bottom left). The special thing about this vinyl is that it included the original vocal mix. A rare find! So then I went to a club (after crusing around the city for awhile) and I was not impressed... I was upset at the viny lstore for giving me a horrible recommendation. Next time I go over there, I'll know for sure of a good club to go to. I might have better luck in Miami, but I wouldn't move there for the life of me. After a few more days with him, it was time for me to head back. Man the drive back seemed so much longer than the drive there! But the trip was indeed a lot of fun. I hope to visit again or move their shortly.

» Because I just watched it =)
Which Wolf's Rain Character are you?



DJ Hoyt and more live at Nuno's spinning the latest and greatest of international vocal trance music in Austin, TX! The party starts early! The first DJ starts spinning around 9:30 and the party goes until 1 or 2 AM. Cheap frozen margaritas and $3 bar drinks till close! Specials on pitchers of beer all night long!! DIRECTIONS (can't trust Mapquest with this one):
1. Exit Peyton Glen/Ohlen from 183
2a. Coming from 183 North: Turn Right on Ohlen (next to Bank of America
2b. Coming from 183 South: Turn Left on Ohlen and you will pass Bank of America. Stay straight, and the road will turn into Peyton Glen
4. Turn left at light Parkside
5. Stay straight and go straight through the Rundberg light and turn left into the first shopping center after the Rundberg light with the Short Stop. The Nuno's sign is also easy to see from here.

Club info:
9428 Parkfield Dr
Austin,TX 78758
(512) 833-5133

Please click here to RSVP!
» Now I know who to bring to the Pimp 'n Ho part in Austin
HAHA! Now this has so much truth to it! Actually, it IS true! *feels his huge breasts and smiles with delight*

Your LJ Hos
LJ Username
Feather Colour:
The popular ho: covenantofgrace
The big-boobed ho: djhoyt
The kinky ho: moonlight_skyes
The classy ho: raynbo0701
The crossdressin' ho: anjerona
Average Monthly Income: $1,564,267.23
This fun quiz by mabelair - Taken 39800 Times.


I have just finished my new set. I still have to polish up some blends, but other than that, it's good! Just right click the link below and save it.

DJ Hoyt's New Demo

01. Nordic vs. Anergy - In Music (Airbase Remix)
02. Rusch & Murray - The Promise (Ronski Speed Remix)
03. JX - Restless (Mat Silver & Tony Burt Remix)
04. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Kenny Hayes Remix)
05. Ian Van Dahl - Try (Alphazone Remix)
06. Altitude - Silence is Loud (Neo & Farina Remix)
07. Saltwater - Strange (Alphazone Remix)
08. Joop - Sonsuz
09. Cetroit - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix)
10. Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick - Connected
11. Signum feat. Anita Kelsey - Coming Around Again
12. Neo & Farina - The Key
13. Above & Beyond - No One On Earth

By the way, you'll need the awesome free player, ripper, encoder, etc. known as iTunes since it's in a sophisticated MPEG-4 format!

Please comment how you liked it! It's not officially released, I just want to see what people think before I "officially" release it on the internet.


Note: the girl on the cover is not a stolen image from images.google.com, it is Yvonne Black. She has agreed to let me use her pictures for my Demo CDs. Thank you so much Yvonne! You can see more of her at her main site at YvonneBlack.com and her huge photo gallery on Want Babe. I discovered her on the CD cover to a great CD called Top Hit Dance Vol. 1!

» All Ravers Go to Heaven

The whole Rave Scene is a snare of the devil...leading many young people to worship the devil as they destroy their mind and bodies...leading to an early death and an eternal doom separated from God in Hell!


Okay, so here I was google image searching for raver chick for some reason, I forgot by now. Anyways, I found Iskur's site in the process and I haven't laughed so long for awhile! This site, the way it's written is truly funny. You do have to be in the EDM scene though to truly understand it! Check out his stupid rave site of the week. This one is by far my favorite:


This was about a website that was saying how bad raves are and how you should turn away from evil and go to churches instead of rave parties or something. Anyways, the claims this guy makes on his site are outrageous and Iskur is so good at tearing them all to shreds! My favorite part:


Iskur: Hardly. Have you ever heard fluffy cheesy epic euro dutch trance? Satan would be humiliated to be associated with anything like that.

LOL! Yes, all go to his website for some good laughs.

I have christian beliefs and I am also spiritual, but I agree with Ishkur on this quote 100%
You ever play phone tag with your friends when you were younger? Where you'd start off with a simple phrase or quote, and each person passes it on, and by the time it reached the last person it had mutated into something completely different than when it started? Yeah? Well, imagine if that phrase or quote had 2000 years and 30 bazillion cultures and languages to traverse instead. Then you might begin to understand the fucked up state that Christianity is in today, and how far removed from its original design it actually is.

And now to quote on something that has recently been put on "Truth About Rave" that Iskur probably didn't get to reply to:
It did not take long to discover that there was more to raves  than just music, drugs, and lights.  It seemed the whole environment was a spiritual experience.  Consider the following quote from an Electronic Music Record Company:

"Every club is a church.  Every DJ a preacher.  Every song is a sermon.  Every club goer a worshiper."


"The experience is loud hypnotic techno music and captivating laser lights,  to visitors it seems that it's all about dancing and love,  but many of dancers have come to realize that it's a worship service. "

At first, I had little interest in any spiritual aspects of Raves.  But over a period of time, I became involved in "New Age" mysticism...which is the religious philosophy that drives the Raves.

First off, the two quotes he takes says nothing about that any of it is evil or that they're worshipping a god or something. Clubs that play dance music (or unofficial versions of this: raves) are all about the music and getting together socially and just letting loose! Nothing about destroying your bodies and doing drugs. Drugs are involved in many scenes, but the media (and the jerks like the guy who wrote "The Truth About Raves") think that drugs are all because of electronic music and that's the only thing they're associated with and everyone who likes EDM MUST be doing drugs, right?! I'm a raver, and I haven't even touched a cigarrette! Much less a pill or meth or Herbalife. But according to this guy, who used to be a raver... don't know how this happened to him, it's all about worshipping satan. Tell me how poppy dutch trance is evil-sounding at all!

Anyways, according to him, because I regularly DJ at a club (and at a rave next month) I not only worship satan, but I lead others to worshipping him by acting stupid, destroying their bodies, and making them all pass out from drug overdoses and heat exhaustian and they all DIE TO LIVE IN HELL FOR ETERNITY TO WORSHIP SATAN FOREVER!! HAHAHA!!! MY EVIL PLAN IS IN THE WORKS!!!

Sorry to disappoint you mom :-P

» A funny email

From: SevetiSvetie54sXgoy@aol.com
Date: Sat 07/31/04 09:47 PM

Howdy cowboy I am very excited about being able to use my computer 24/7 now. I got DSL modem that gives me access to the internet any time of the day or night without having to dial up and wait. So I tend to spend a lot more time surfing and chatting all day long. I have made a website that has few of my pictures with some personal writing about me. I would really like you to take a look, the modeling pictures just came out and I have posted them for you. Here is my website: http://www.link24liveup.com/chatforum/svetachat/ If you have a minute of your time surf around. Bye sweetie pie..

Sincerely yours,
Svetlana Simpson
» DJ-Hoyt.com DOWN
*cries* My website finally bite the bullet. Too much has been downloaded and it actually exceeded it's 65 GBs a month bandwidth.

Note to self: don't host so much!

So it will be up again in a week or two. Until then... well... you can't get to it. Sorry guys!

Sorry! I have been so busy with my website that I haven't been updating my journal! Well I am doing great and I still have my job at Unisys going strong! I am very proud of my website, and I invite you all to theck it out at DJ-Hoyt.com. Also, I am still DJing at Nuno's and doing great over there! Last night I did a fantastic set and everyone liked it, and this set was done at midnight! I have been getting bad set times, so this was a thrill. What's better is that Nuno said I'll be getting a set at 11 or 11:30 next week. Everyone should come!

Hope to see some friends there next week!
» Xena Meetup
I know I've been saying I was going to do it... but finally I did it! I made it to a Xena Meetup at Threadgill's in Austin and man did I have a blast. I was only expecting 3-5 people... I was shocked when I saw around 10. I sat down and joined in conversations about Xena and other subjects surprisingly. Something that also did (and did not) come to a surprise to me was that I was the only guy there. See...

But, no complaints here! One of the main things we talked about is the 10th annual Xena Convention coming up in San Diego in January 2005 which sounds like a blast! Also, Deb (a famous Xena look-a-like featured ones on the JJ show) showed up later on.

Me and Deb

I found out she knew a lot of people from the show and also thought I would make a great Joxer. I agreed... but who to make the costume, lol. I think back to the days when my mom would make me Fraggle Rock stuffed animals and Star Wars outfits... maybe she could :-P And to my surprise, I searched on the internet for Deb and found that she has been in Spy Kids 2, Miss Congeniality, and various commercials. She also entered in the Star Wars fan video contest on atomfilms.com. Make sure to vote for it!

So you bet I'll be there next month :-D

I just wanted to let you all know I have finally landed a regular gig at a club WITH a DJ booth and I can spin vocal trance too! I got this club to start a trance weekly in Austin, TX and have local DJs spin for it. I did it last week and it was hugely successful! If you can see this, you should come! Click on the link below and RSVP and get more info :-)

eVite for Trance Night @ Nuno's
» Cool survey!
I decided to go do my weekly cleanout of my email account at djhoyt @ klubdj.com and I found a survey email from psbpoll.com. I decided to take a look and it was a survey on the next Xbox. They asked my opinion on what they should name the next system. Basically they threw the name Xbox 2 at me and I said that it was unoriginal and due to stupid numeric values, it will look below the Playstation 3. I suggested something like Xbox Next. Then they gave me choices of other possible names like Xbox E, Xbox HD, etc. My favorite one was Xbox 360 which seems to sum up the whole concept of the next xbox (or a currently-hacked system today, haha). That it is an all-around entertainment unit. This is exciting because this means they're going to start promoting it soon! Yay =)

By the way, they named some features of the next Xbox, and I thought (I can do that all with my current xbox and my Chameleon mod chip, haha).

Well I'm going to be looking at Apartments today on William Cannon. Oh GOODY FUN! (not really). I am pretty tired right now and have vinyls to rip at home.

I am so happy that it has been confirmed that "Everybody Loves Raymond" will be released on DVD starting with Season 1. I heard from rayromano.com that it will come out in July, yet Amazon says September (I really hope not). But we shall see!
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