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CONFUSION SUCKS! - DJ Toboe: Finally back


Previous Entry CONFUSION SUCKS! Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 11:29 pm Next Entry

Well! I have been busy lately. I went to Florida the past week or so to explore it as an alternative to living in Austin, and also to see a good friend of mine I hadn't met before. It all went really well! But then, Bush "won," so I have no idea of what to do. I vowed that if he was re-elected, I would move to Europe, and now, I also really like Florida so that makes everything quite confusing of what to do with my life. I currently have no job and am living off unemployment (quite well actually), and now I'm applying to jobs in Austin, Orlando, and looking at jobs in Denmark and The Netherlands.

So here's the Cliff's Notes version of Florida

As you all know, I have been looking for a place to move that is not in Texas. Well I got into the anime Wolf's Rain and became great friends with Sekioh, who I met through a Yahoo group about the anime. I found out he lived in Florida, and I was curious in moving there anyways since they have a great music scene and Austin sucks. So after gaining his trust, what do I do? I pack up some clothes, my Xbox, and some of my favorite CDs and jump in the car at 6 AM start my 16 hour trek to Florida, but not before spending some time with my friend Aaron. Unfortunately, his parents wouldn't trust me, so I'd be staying in a cheap hotel for around $30 a night in Wildwood. Wildwood is a small city about 40 miles from Orlando. If I was to move, it would be Orlando, since that's where I would probably work. Oh man, the drive was long! Took me 16 hours plus the food stops and the one casino stop (which I made $70 at!), but finally, I arrived around 4 AM half dead. I was going to stop at a rest stop on the way, but every time I drove by one, well... I just told myself (only 300 more miles). The next morning I got up in my hotel and went to meet him when his school got out. Fortunately, he didn't jump out and kill then rape me (or is that rape then kill me) so good start so far! We headed to my hotel to play some Xbox. I then took him to Olive Garden which was a lot of fun. He had loosened up by then, and we were already like best friends. He told me that his family hardly ever takes him out to eat, so I felt bad for him. After the filling meal, I took him back to his place. Unfortunately, to keep meeting him, I had to tell his parents that I was living there and he already told them that we met at his school, so I hated going through this lie the whole time, but I knew it was necessary since he is only 17 so his parents still have control of him (damnit). During a day I couldn't see him, I went over to Orlando (see pics above). Of course, the first time I go to a new major city, I must go to their vinyl store, and wow was I ever impressed! I got a bunch of fresh tracks, including Lost Witness - Wait For You (See picture bottom left). The special thing about this vinyl is that it included the original vocal mix. A rare find! So then I went to a club (after crusing around the city for awhile) and I was not impressed... I was upset at the viny lstore for giving me a horrible recommendation. Next time I go over there, I'll know for sure of a good club to go to. I might have better luck in Miami, but I wouldn't move there for the life of me. After a few more days with him, it was time for me to head back. Man the drive back seemed so much longer than the drive there! But the trip was indeed a lot of fun. I hope to visit again or move their shortly.
Trancin' To: Alex Bartlett - Amnesia
Mark Territory
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Date:November 16th, 2004 12:06 pm (UTC)
hey man...dont let bush win again...it's basicly what he wants & is expecting his non supporters to do. as pissed about it as i am you gotta look at it this way....he can't run again. just keep that in mind.

FL is a nice place dude
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Date:November 16th, 2004 02:18 pm (UTC)
Good point, thanks =)
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Date:November 16th, 2004 10:25 pm (UTC)
n/p dude. for every bad thing that happens theres always something good to come out of it. even if he hadn't won, then there's always the next election...so the sooner we can get his hick ass out of the white house the better.
(Mark Territory)
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