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December 1st, 2006 - DJ Toboe: Finally back

About December 1st, 2006

FINALLY! I have seen Above & Beyond LIVE 01:38 am
I've seen my share of trance DJs in the US: DJ Micro, Christopher Lawrence, Tiesto, Sandra Collins, Ferry Corsten, Filo & Peri, The Thrillseekers, and Gabriel & Dresden.

But you know what made all those nights just shrink pitifully in comparison?

Above & Beyond live!!!

This had to be the best night I've ever had for pretty much as long as I can remember. Once the opening DJ, Wyatt Earp, finished (which seemed like he went on forever) and they got up around 11:40, I didn't recognize them at first. Probably because I was keeping an eye out for Paavo but then realized (Holy nuggets! That's Jono and Tony) but they threw on some house tracks... interesting. Now I have gone to see Filo & Peri expecting beautiful trance but all they played was progressive house... but that's a story for a later day. Anyways, then it built into Air For Life. The dancefloor was packed! I was suddenly impressed that this many people in Denver knew of this track. Then into a version of Black is the Colour I hadn't heard before. Then it just kept building...

Then they played their first full-on trance track. Now I can't remember what it was but it was damn good! I checked my watch to see that happily a little more then 15 minutes passed since they got up... that meant over two more house of this?! HELL YES! I heard some classics by them (such as Razorfish I believe) but shocked I didn't hear any Oceanlab (at least to my knowledge). Then the greatest vocal trance song ever came on! Well maybe not... greatest ever, but it was damn good! But I had never heard it before!! I don't know what it was >.< It sounded like the vocalist from I Can't Sleep but had the energy of Satellite. I was confused, but danced my ass off. Trying to get eye contact with them, showing them heart symbols, and screaming out "I LOVE JONO!!" was most of my dancefloor activities and I wasn't the only one doing this.


I guess, when it's done proper, lol. Now I wanted to get to talk to my idols that remixed my first ever loved trance song (Fragma - Every Time You Need Me) and was originally going to wait till the end. I decided against that. I took out my Euphonic copy of Air For Life and went over behind the ladder to the DJ booth. Looking up in awe at Jono flipping through his CDs, I got the courage to start to walk up, held my CD and sharpie high... still no luck. I then fwapped it against the table of his CD binder. YAY! He saw me! The greatest part ever?! HE KNEW WHO I WAS! Yes, Jono Grant remembered me from the forums. I was so thrilled. I can't remember what I said to him... probably a lot of incoherent nonsense, but that's okay! I got to talk to my idol! He signed my CD and said "T-O-B-O-E?" Yes, he remembered my spelling! Which like, no one else can do. He then got Tony to sign it too. My friend who gave me the ride there climbed up the ladder as well and was cheering for me and them and he handed Jono a copy of a mix demo I made and i was like "OMG! I could give that to him!" and I did. He was happy to receive it and I would love to hear what he thinks of it! WOW! The DJs that got me into trance reviewing how I mix?! That's a dream right there. Hell, them just taking my CD was flattering.

I told Jono things like how I lvoed him and his music and howe I wanted to have his baby then I asked "Could you play my favorite song by you... Let the Light Shine In?" He said he was already looking for it but it was on an unlabeled CDr. I was like "YES! Thank you! Play that and I'll be thrilled." I heard a great track and climbed down and went to the dancefloor. Some other great trance track probably not even released yet I really got into. Then that familiar beat hit.... could it be? Already?!


Let the Light Shine In came on!! YES! OMG YES YES YES! Not only was I losing it (yes I was totally sober) but everyone else was too! Wow I had NEVER heard that song played in a club (only very loud in my headphones) and danced as hard as I could. That song has the best synth riff ever! I was so happy everyone else seemed to be enjoying the song at least half as I was (which is saying a damn lot) and I couldn't have been happier.

It was almost time for them to end... before they did, they threw on Alone Tonight which mean and four guys did our own rendition of it singing horribly along to the song... ohhhh it was great. Other people in the US knew the lyrics too?! Hell yes! There's hope for this country after all. Sadly... no Can't Sleep, but I can't complain. This was easily the best club night ever of my life!! They ended with the beautiful track on their Tri-State album Good For Me. The lights turned on and I knew the night of pure ecstasy had ended. I went over with my friend to behind the DJ booth again to see this group of screaming fans trying to get Jono's attention and get signatures (which they were). Then something happened I had never seen another DJ do... he climbed down into the group!!! YES! He descended amongst the choas to meet and talk with and sign Tri-State flyers for his many fans! Every other DJ I've seen at the church stays up in the booth where it's safe, lets people get a few dozen sigs, then security shuffles everyone out... Jono and Tony did it much more different and I was thrilled. I said my goodbyes to Jono Grant and headed out kind of in this pure afterglow state...
I feel: bouncybouncy
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