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Ushicon 2005!! - DJ Toboe: Finally back

About Ushicon 2005!!

Previous Entry Ushicon 2005!! Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 01:57 pm Next Entry

Well the convention was a lot of fun! It was my first time going to a convention and my first time cosplaying. As you can see, I went as Toboe from Wolf's Rain (who else) and I was surprised how well my outfit came out! I did a search on cosplaylab.com, and mine was definitely one of the better ones. Here is the gallery I promised you all:

I finished the outfit Thursday night. The next morning, I just decided to go to work as Toboe, so I wouldn't have to go by home or waste precious convention time changing. So on Friday I got off from work and went to pick up Evelyn (who played Blue) and we hauled over to the Renaissance.

We got there just in time for the drawing class. From there, the convention went really well! I wasn't impressed with the dealer room at first, but I wasn't looking that hard. I can't remember all the classes I attended Friday, but I had a lot of fun! I then went to the Artists Gallery and finally got to meet Gynocrat of Studio Plug 'n Play. I didn't waste any time buying her first Wolf's Rain english doujinshi. I'm still savoring it... on page 4 so far, lol. I talked to her for a bit then hung out and got my pictures taken by several fangirls. We went up to a hotel room that was having ice cream made with Me and Evelyn decided to get a couple drinks at the bar, and we found Gynocrat also in the lobby with a drink, so we sat with her and chatted about random pointless crap. We stayed there for awhile, because the Moonlight Masquerade was taking forever to start. When it did start, it wasn't exactly what I expected. I don't know... slow anime songs are good but I didn't enjoy it that much. Anyways, my left contact lens started irritating me (it had already fallen out once that day, so we went home.

The next day (Saturday) the first panel we went to was Manga Translation with Youkon. This was a cool class. We actually got to talk about type-setting and editing. She talked about she got started in it by working for fan circles translating unlicensed work. I talked to her about what I did (editing Wolf's Rain doujinshi by replacing the japanese with the english) and she said there's a career in that too. Something I might consider later =)

We then hung out in the dealers room and I found 5 Wolf's Rain doujinshis that I didn't have, so I picked those up. I also got 4 fan prints of the Wolf's Rain characters. We then went to a class on cosplaying, which was extremely useful since the cosplay was that night. Now this was interesting... there were about 97 people that signed up for this. Me and Evelyn just decided to do a walk-on together because in the cosplay class he made it clear to NOT plan a skit at the last minute. The whole pre-cosplay process took about 2 hours. As we waited to go on as the next skit, I was shaking. Here I am about to walk in front of a bunch of people and do poses as Toboe?? LOL Well I did it. It seemed to go pretty good. Heehee...

Later that night was the highlight... the big "techno" dance! Unfortunately, it was in a pretty small room, but since I was upfront waiting, I was able to get in. They did close it off after a certain amount of people for an hour or two. It was awesome though! They played about 5 or 6 Ayumi Hamasaki (Ayu) tracks, but not Naturally... but that was understandable since it's only a couple of months old. Other tracks I enjoyed was some good 'ole eurobeat =) I danced for about 3 hours straight. A LOT of fun. Fortunately, due to my jacket design, I was able to unzip it part way to let some air in since it was REALLY hot in that room.

I didn't do much on Sunday... not much was going on. We attended the yaoi panel and then hung out with Gynocrat some more. We ended up leaving while the closing ceremonies started since it was basically a Q&A. So yes, I had a blast! And I'm already planning for the next one in March in Houston. Should be fun!
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Mark Territory
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Date:January 25th, 2005 10:23 pm (UTC)
cosplaying is fun!!
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Date:January 26th, 2005 12:33 am (UTC)
Holy crap! You do it too??! That's awesome!
(Mark Territory)
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