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DJ Toboe: Finally back

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Week update Jun. 2nd, 2004 @ 07:30 am
Three-day weekends are never enough...

We didn't end up going to Club Ibiza due to being too busy, but we plan to go next weekend, and then see DJ Tiesto the 22nd, and then Lasgo & Ian Van Dahl are touring together in Texas in June as well. If you're interested, keep checking Ian Van Dahl's site for details.

In more news, I found some cool cheap finds on the internet:

I found a rare vinyl of Tenth Planet - Walk on Water on Euro Music World. I have been looking all over for this track, and I'm very happy to find it.

In music news, Audio Jelly.com is a new site that sells 192 kbps MP3s of various trance and house tracks for 1 pound each. Yeah, it is around $1.50 US, but they have the extended mixes. So instead of paying 4-6 pounds for a CD single with a bunch of edits and dubs, you don't care about, you can just pay 3 pounds for the two mixes you know you'll want. The downside is that you don't get the album art or the full quality. But what I like is you can buy a lot of stuff that is nearly impossible to find. Some of the main artists on this site include Lustral and Space Brothers.

Also, thanks to work, I have finally finished watching my Season 1 DVD of Xena: Warrior Princess. Now I have an excuse to buy Season 2 =) I saw it at Best Buy for $45 which is really good! Also, Season 4 will be released June 15th =)
I feel: tiredtired

CLUB IBIZA May. 28th, 2004 @ 08:54 am
I'm checking out this new club with Evelyn most likely this weekend called Club Ibiza. It's in San Antonio and looks quite promising... here's why

1. On their website, it says they play trance. Very important =)


The dance floor and atmosphere look nice! Not to mention the light system =)

The DJ uses Sony SDR-700SDJ. Clearly a smart guy.

People! A lot seem to go here.

A bed in a club? I don't think I would complain about that!


8. Free cover before 11

9. Drinks under $2!

10. Not in Austin (a good thing)

I'm off from work for my 3-day weekend. Bye! :-D
I feel: excitedexcited
Trancin' To: Flash Intro Movie to Club Ibiza!

DELL BASHING! It never gets old =) May. 27th, 2004 @ 06:37 am
lol, this is great. I'm a Mac lover and this greatly amuses me =)

Melodic Vocal Trance Hits! May. 27th, 2004 @ 02:41 am

Well this is the same model that posed for Top Hit Dance Vol. 1 I got way back when. If you're curious, you can browse through my old entries. But this CD looks good. Now I will find out information on this...

Ah ha, thanks to Re:vive Trance website I see it isn't out yet. Keep a look out for this!

Fun with Benno! May. 26th, 2004 @ 04:06 am
*sends an email to rank 1*
Hello again. Your cams switched! It's almost a bright and early morning here. I'm on the Anjunabeat forums a lot and I felt it was necessary to let people know about your webcam. So who knows, your competitors Above & Beyond could be watching you now :-P (lol, not really competitors)

I remembered a question I meant to ask you. I recently got the Mac J single called Perfect Blend and I love it! Since it's Rank 1 pres. Mac J, I was wondering if the producers are you and Piet, or if there is another one involved? It doesn't really sound like your usual work.

Oh, make sure to let me know about the music video I put up on my website for you to get. Is that just a temporary video (or one made by a fan) or will there be an official video. It would be cool if it had Shanokee in it. =)

"Oh god... another bloody 40 line email from this James fellow... does it ever stop"

"Bugger, I guess I'll reply... geesh, doesn't he have something else to do then watch my webcam 8 hours a day."

"There... that should amuse him."

*gets a reply and smiles*
Hi James!

Still awake again?
Are you in surveilence or anything?!

MAC J is a side project for a friend of ours.
It sounds differently because he's playing a different style when DJ'ing. But Piet and I are still involved!

I think our future Rank 1 work will also sound differently, because I like to move on with the sound.. So I hope you will like thath too then!

Will check the video as soon as I have time for it....

Like I would dislike something by Rank 1! I hope he doesn't stop using classical music as his influence though. It sounds so good! Still waiting on the album from Amazon *sigh*
Other entries
» Britney Spears - Everytime (Above & Beyond Remix)

Well this is a good one! The vinyl has been released of the Above & Beyond remix of Britney's newest single: Everytime. This is a great remix and got a good response the last time I spun it at a party. Highly recommend you track this one down. I got it at Juno Records.
» Well I finally did it
So I was at Alien Records last week and they were having a 30% off everything sale because they just moved to a new location (usually places have the sale before the move... but anyways) and I saw a Vestax PDX-2000 new in box on sale for $349. I asked them if the 30% sale applied to that and they said it might not because it has to still be above wholesale (so they don't lose money). I had them do a price check on it and they told me it would only be $240. YAY! So I decided to go ahead and get that since it was the last day of the sale and it's a super nice turntable and has more features then a Technic 1200... see?

They told me it didn't come with a needle, but they had this nice Ortofon cartridge for only $40 after the discount. This was a $100 cartridge so I picked that up as well. See? It's pretty =)

So now I can rip my vinyls to CD and maybe now I can try spinning with both CDs and vinyls. Hey, possibilites are endless.
» My day has been made!
So here I am spying on Rank 1 on their webcam at www.rank-1.com and I decide to email him to ask a weird request. To have him wave at the webcame. And he did! I LOVE YOU BENNO!!!

» New Ian Van Dahl

Well the new Ian Van Dahl single is supposedly out. Here's what Amazon in Germany has to say thanks to Google's great automated Translation "We do not lead or no more - book in advance now used." Okay... I guess that means it hasn't come out yet, even the the Erscheinungsdatum is 11. Mai 2004. That was like... Tuesday. I have the promo vinyl, but the only good mix on it is the MIKE vocal and the extended original. I wonde what treats await for me on the maxi single. Only time will tell... once Amazon.de gets its act together.
Well I've just been hired to DJ for an afterhours party by Lake Travis! WEEEE! Should be a lot of fun. If I like, know you and you live in Austin, comment and I'll hook you up with an invite. Trance and house all night long! DJs include me (DJ Hoyt), DJ Kaelin, and Toddy B! The party doesn't stop until 7AM!! Glad I'm on the nightshift at work :-P

» Unisys, DJing, and fatigue
I am so tired! I can't catch-up on my sleep. I tried to yeterday, took a nap immediatly when I got home... and it lasted till 2 AM! Oops, sorry mom. So then I couldn't go back to sleep until 4 then I wake up again at 7, and I'm still tired.

Well I'm half of a week into my job, and the training, I think, is pretty elementary so I'm not having a problem. The benefits aren't bad at all, and I love the workstations I'll be using. Looks nice. No more sharing a desk with 3-5 other people and coming to work not sure if you'll have a place to sit that day. Also, they are full cubicles. Even more of a cubicle then I got at Apple, so I am impressed. One thing that I am not happy is that I'm on a government account, and the paperwork goes back 7 years! All my past addresses, all my past jobs, people that know me, do I return Blockbuster rentals on time, etc. It gets ridiculous. Only 18 pages :-P Haha, well at least I have a month to do it.

In more news, as you may or may not know (can't remember if I posted it) I'll be spinning at Spiro's Wednesday the 28th (a week from now) so look for me! It looks like my timeslot will be somewhere between 9 and midnight. It's only $3 to get in or bring food for the foodbank, one or the other. For more information, check the below sites. Of course, I will be playing trance and a small fraction of house. Come see me!
» Austin Dance Tracks!
Well another update!

My thing in Houston went great. So good that everyone loved it... it just happened way too early so not many people heard it until the last 20 minutes. But more importantly, the club owner liked it and he'll want me to do 3 hour afterhour sets on Saturdays once that starts up in a month so YAY!

In more exciting news...

An austin cable show and DJ record pool is having a party at Spiro's on Wednesday the 28th and they want me to DJ 2 hours at it! YAY! And also ex-mega 93.3's Miss Kitty will be there. You should check out their show when you get a chance! On Austin cable channels 10 and 16 throughout the week. Check the showtimes here:
Austin Dance Tracks

So if you're in the Austin area, make sure to come by around 9 PM to see me spin live! Also, it's only $3 =)
» My first club gig!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have my first club DJ gig in Houston on Thursday night this week! I will be spinning from 9pm to 11pm, so I will be the opener. I will be playing the greatest in trance and some great new tracks, if you live by, you should come. Here's the flier!


- Presents -


Come hear the sounds of Houston's hottest new weekly! Enjoy the locals you love, and also the DJs that are up and coming!

Resident DJs:
Eargasm - Nu Dark NRG [Habitat Productions]
DJ Shogun - Funky House [Traffic-Crew]
DJ Demise - Florida Funky Breaks [Breaks Nation Productions]
DJ Tangerine - Trance & House [Breaks Nation Productions]
DJ Swampgrass - Hard House [Breaks Nation Productions]

When: Every Thursday Night
Location: 9437 Richmond Ave. - Between Gessner & Fondren
Time: 9 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
Age: 18 +
Dress Code: Casual
Cover: 18-20 $7.00 / 21 + $5.00
Drink Specials All Night Long for 21+
Ladies In Free before 11 p.m.

Well currently I've been working with Spherion as a filing clerk... bleh. But that is only until my new tech-support job starts =)

On austinjobs, I met a someone who works for Unisys and he said he would submit my resume for a position in helpdesk. I was slightly skeptical after looking at the requirements for the position (degree, A+ Certification, experience, etc.). But a month later I got a call from this nice lady in California informing me that she had schedule me an interview in the Austin office for a late night position that goes from 12-9. I was happy to have such an offer. She said there would be shift differential so I accepted the interview. The interview was interesting. I was asked a series of technical and behavioral quesitons... the most behavioral questions I've ever been asked at an interview. After the interview, I asked her how long it would take for me to know something. She told me between 5 and 7 days. Well afterwards, I felt a little uneasy about it, and I told myself I would not be down if I didn't get a call. Four hours after the interview, I got a call from a lady in the Austin office who told me I got the position and that I start April 19th. She then told me how much I would make and I was in shock. I'd be making over $30,000 a year. The only schooling I have is a year at ITT, and I am not certified in anything. She told me that after I got the job, I would have 90 days to get myself A+ Certified.

SO YES! I finally got a job that will utilize my technical skills and abilities. The training will last 3 weeks (paid of course) and after that, I'll be on the phones.

What's funny is a week after the job offer, I got an email from Spherion @ Dell saying they were wanted to interview me for a tech-support position at Dell. I can already tell this will be great for me =) Finally, I'll be making what I've wanted to make for the longest time and doing what I've wanted to do for the past 3 years.
» Roskilde Festival!

Modefan2002: if you get here in July I will take you guys to the Roskilde Festival
James Hoyt: what's that?
Modefan2002: Roskilde Festival is the largest music festival in the world
James Hoyt: trance music?
James Hoyt: DJs?
James Hoyt: please say yes
Modefan2002: The Festival is all sorts of music...
Modefan2002: I have backstage passes for all of us
Modefan2002: Karl Bartos (kraftwerk), David Bowie, Basement Jaxx, Korn, NERD, Santana, Metallica and about 150 other bands and DJ's
Modefan2002: 4 days with music on 6 stages
Modefan2002: we can get the program and pick out the bands and DJ's we wanna see
Modefan2002: Oakenfold and Roger Sanchez last year....Oakenfold trainwrecked three times and people boooed him off stage
James Hoyt: OMG!
James Hoyt: lol, he's not used to mixing live
» A conversation about Europe

That's Mikker (Michael) and his girl Stina along with their baby =)

Well I had a chat with my friend from Denmark. I found out a lot of things I didn't know! With his permission, I post this bridged chat log. Enjoy =)

Legend: Whenever we talk about money, it's in US dollars

The conversationCollapse )
» Can't stop listening to this one!
Sunday sunrise...
Looking out across the bay...
And in your eyes...
I see all I want to say...

I see clearly...
I am not afraid to fall...
With you near me...
I can rise above it all...

And how you loved me, clouds above me
Couldn't stop the rain I'm feeling...

Together we are beautiful I'm wishin...
» I decided to put together my own =)
Club Activitydjhoyt
DJ Idol
Club activityAnnoying the DJ
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Now that I think about it, when I'm not dancing I'm always asking the DJ either to take a request or what song he is playing, lol. I am a dirty DJ groupie!
» Now ain't this the truth! =)
What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreStalking Your Prey
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Now I love to stalk my prey... Growwwlll :-P
» DJ Skye

Well I put together this picture for DJ Skye because I wanted to play with my new Photoshop 7.0 I got for Mac OS X. Pretty much the same as 6.0 except it works in Mac OS X! lol. It came out good I think. Maybe the face is too bright, but that's the only thing I see wrong with it.

DJ Skye is a cool person I met off of a trance community and we both love trance and both DJ (except she's a bit more successful then I... so far) and we talked a bit and I got some pics from her. All which were mostly low-quality web cam pics or club photos. Well I took this pic from a club photo, got out the eraser tool, added a rendering of clouds and this awesome Apple Chauncey font and a couple of lens flares for good measure!

Skye: I have the original psd file so if you want it you can have it. I think it would make a great livejournal user icon!
» New trance!
Well here I am at work on a Saturday when I could be hanging with friends, but you know how it is. It is rather slow, so I probably will get sent home early. Here are some new trance releases on vinyl on Chemical Records and they look hot!

Airscape (Part 1 Of 2) :: Sosei [Original Mix] / [Johan Gielen Rmx] :: ID&T
Alex Bartlett :: R.A.C. [Instrumental Mix] / [Vocal Mix] :: Planet Traxx
Aluna :: All I Need Is Time [Slusnik Luna Club Mix] / [Noel Sanger Club Mix] / [Slusnik Luna Dub Mix] :: Soundpiercing
Blank & Jones Featuring Elles :: Mind Of The Wonderful [Original Mix] / [Club Mix] :: gang go
Blue Amazon Vs Darren Tate :: The Other Love / No Other Love [Original Version] :: direction
Dirt Devils [Original Mix] / [Dirt Devils Twisted Mix] / [Jono Grant Vs P.O.S. Mix] :: Music Is Life :: id&t
Endre :: Kallocain [Robert Nickson Mix] / [Original Mix] :: Anjunabeats
Js Ten :: Koto [Euphonic Mix] / [Js Ten Mix] :: Ninety Degrees North
Lange Presents Firewall [LTD TEST PRESSING] :: Kilimanjaro [Original Mix] / [Lange Rmx] :: Lange Recordings
Malec :: Endless Love [Club Mix] / [3xm Rmx] :: dj inc
Matt Darey Presents Tekara Featuring Xan (Part 1 Of 2) :: Wanna Be An Angel [Tekara Original Mix] / [Airbase Rmx] :: Platipus
Matt Darey Presents Tekara Featuring Xan (Part 2 Of 2) :: Wanna Be An Angel [Art Of Trance Vs DBA Rmx] / [Paolo Mojo Rmx] :: Platipus
Midway :: Amazon [Original Mix] / [Sander Van Dien Rmx] :: In Trance We Trust
Neo & Farina Featuring Tiff Lacey (Guy Ornadel Playlisted) [LTD PROMO] :: The Eternal [Original Vocal Mix] / [Will Holland Rmx] :: White Label
Peter Luts :: Long Island [Hellac Arena Rmx] / [Hellac Rmx] / [Original Mix] :: Antler Subway Records
Ronski Speed Presents Sun Decade (Part 2 Of 2) :: Follow You [Mike Shivers Catching Sun Mix] / [Original Vocal Mix] :: Euphonic
Yahel :: Avalanche [Senses Rmx] / [Yahel Rmx] :: COMPRESSOR

How do you kill these emails? I get 8 viagara emails a day! I'm 22 and I'm fine in that area! Yet somehow these random people that send these to me believe otherwise.

From: scooter121justin1@hotmail.com
Subject: Viagrga pill that lasts 36 hours!
Date: March 10, 2004 10:55:39 PM CST
To: james @ dj-hoyt.com

Did you know That the normal cost for Super V i a g r a is $20, per dose?

We are running a hot special!! T0DAY Its only an amazing $3.00

Shipped world wide!

DISC0UNT 0RDER: http://playboy.royaldrugs.com/sv/index.php?pid=eph9106

What kind of rule could I make for this? I know Apple mail recognizes it and puts it in the junk bin, but i don't want to even have to look at these emails. Notice how they use zeros for the o's and how they misspell viagara and add spaces. The only words that are consistent is amazing and normal. And these come worded differently everytime from a different email.
» Lunch Adventures
So I get off of this 2 hour phone call with this girl with an MS Blaster virus and several Agobot viruses (Lego my Agobot!) and so that took awhile. And at the end... I had to escalate it. This spyware/virus kept closing her windows... which made it difficult to install AVG Anti-Virus. So I go to McDonalds to grab my long-delayed lunch. I pull up and this is one of the McDonalds with the screen at the drive-thru so you can see what you order. Well I ordered a #3 plain with a coke and two apple pies. The Menu said...
1 QTR/5 FRY 2.77
- plain
1 MED COKE 1.00
1 TWO PIES 1.00
TOTAL: 5.19

So that didn't look right. And the guy wasn't well with english so I kept verifying my order. He was having problems with the customer ahead of me (Who had an Apple sticker that had the text under it !#/bin/usr/perl) so he was clearly cool. But anyways, I pull up to the drive-thru and I pull out a $20. He all smiles at me. "How are you doin' boss?" I tell him I'm doing great. He takes the $20 while brushing across my hand and then he hands me the change. He thanks me and wishes me to have a great day and he's all leaning over the window. I'm sorry, but I think he was flirting! To futher embarrass myself I start to pull up with the parking break on and he all giggles at me. I told him you have to take the brake off to go forward, and he agreed. I moved ahead and got my food. lol Maybe I'm just self-deluded but it was like he liked me, lol.
» Revamp!
I updated my LiveJournal homepage. What do you think? Do the colors work good with each other? Is it easy on the eyes? And most importantly, easy to read. Let me know =)
» Jobs and Viruses

Still got the job and it's going well. It's really easy. Most of the call ins are about the blaster worm and that's a simple fix. Then there are all the people downloading attachments that they think it's Microsoft because it says it's from Microsoft. Like this one customer:
I got this email from Microsoft with an attachment and I did hear on the news not to open any emails from Microsoft because that's what the latest Worm is sending out, but at the bottom of the email it said ©2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. so I thought it was from Microsoft. so I went ahead and downloaded and ran the attachment and I go ta virus!
Special people like these... the type of people that see an email that says there's a virus and the only way to get rid of it is to send the email to everyone in your address book then erase all their files from their hard drive, lol. That's the kind of do-it-yourself viruses that I get a kick out of. In fact, one of my last friends actually DID do that because I got an email from him saying to delete my hdd. lol

Well I did get a call from a temp agency and they said they had a forensic email assignment that's long term that I could get and they would submit my resume for it! I'm hoping for that since it pays $16/hour. Then I have a friend in Unisys and Wincor-Nixdorf that are working to get me a permanent job, so things look hopeful!

I'm still looking for another place to move to. My current place is too expensive, too small, and too many roommates. Bleh!

I'm also currently investigating this group I got some live videos from called Caater feat. Trinity. Caater used to just do production, but now he got himself a blonde singer and an album and a couple of singles... in Estonia. So finding those will be hard!
» Got a job!

Well, back I go to harte-hanks! lol, the pay is decent, but at least it's tech-support. It won't be for the Xbox this time, but it will be in the same building. This time I will be working for Microsoft still but for their virus devision. I'd be helping people remove viruses from their computers. Position starts Wednesday. Wish me luck!
» Another Big Update
Well I haven't updated in a while so I guess I'd update everyone on what's been going on. ACS is history. I got sick of being forced to work 60 hrs a week and getting promised over and over that we would eventually be paid iComp (pay per document) instead of the trashy 9.50 an hour. So after speaking to HR, no resolution could be thought up of so I left. We were only supposed to get training pay for a month... well it went out for 4 months. They promised we'd be paid 12-16 an hour, but lies ALL LIES! lol, so done with them!

I am now working with my mom for MouseWork Specialists. I have my own book to work on now! This will probably end up being my job for a little bit until I can find another temp job. It pays well, just too spiratic. I'm also going to have to come up with a way to cover rent for March. I've been good on paying rent to my current roommates, so maybe they'll give me a week or so since i've been paying a week early.

Me and Aaron are great friends again. We will probably end up getting a townhome together. This would be a lot better than living with 4 other guys... the space is tight (as in cramped and bad). I've seen some nice townhomes for about $600 with two bedrooms. Maybe me and Aaron can work that out. Although it's hard to qualify for anything when you don't have a job :-( I do not regret quitting ACS though :-)

I'm at my mom's now working on the project so I guess I'll head home. Although I know i'mm useful here since i'm keeping her cat from knocking down her precious stones constantly. Although by me putting them back up and him knocking them back down... I think I'm stuck in a game with him :-P
» ACS, sleep schedule, and social life (which is over-rated)
Seems that with all the work I've been doing (64 hours last week) I have barely anytime for some sort of social life, much less posting anything on livejournal. So I'd just like to let everyone know I'm still alive and functioning. One day, I will be able to have time to shop at H-E-B while they're open and get clothes and some time during a day I will be able to cook and eat at home. Man... that would be nice. At least I'm pretty much have a lot of financial freedom, I just have no time in the day to do much of anything fun. My amusement is usually between 1 and 5 AM playing on my Xbox or DJing with my friend Aaron. This is sometimes difficult since my roommates have a normal work schedule and the DJing kind of keeps them up so I have to do that before like 1... Well, I could do it during the day while my roommates are gone and before work, but the problem with that is getting up! I get home all round up from sitting at a computer for 8 to 11 hours I don't feel like going to bed. I feel like jogging up and down the stairs until 3 AM.

ONE DAY! (Hopefully this year) I will be able to get my website up! It would help if I actually had music videos! I lost 30 GBs of them and am looking to fellow friends to hook me up with some videos I lost. Unfortunately they live in like Denmark, Holland, or France so it's not easy to get 30 GBs of music videos transfered.

I have been doing quite a bit of night clubbing! Thanks to my schedule, it's easy to stay up till 3 AM (note me having energy to run up and down the stairs till then).

YAY! Okay I'm done now.

Note to mom: Sorry I have been so busy no time to get those DVDs but I will! I have to have my Xena! =) Tomorrow I have more court crap but maybe Wednesday (Tuesday looks busy too).
» Too damn long
Been awhile since my last post, way too long, so let's go through a quick update! I'd usually type paragraphs, but I'm going to just do bullets.

• Fifth Element kicks ass! I watched it with my parental units on Christmas day and I saw it for the first time. For some reason, I didn't see it in '97. I don't think I was that much into sci-fi back then.

• I'm living with new roommates down in North Austin by Spicewood Springs. Nice house with 3 other guys. Rent includes all the bills so that's handy.

• I'm working a new job at ACS, Inc. for the TMHP (Medicaid) contract. Mid this month they will start paying us per document instead of hourly... isn't that weird? Commission based data entry, lol. They say I'd make between 11 and 16 an hour, but I'd have to see it first

• I've been practicing on my DJing recently and I've rediscovered my friend Aaron (lost his phone number) and we DJ together and are making a set for WDA1 Radio (which I already have a set on, check it out!)

• NYE... wow! This was the best new years eve I had. I went to the new club Sky by Congress and 5th and paid out the ass in cover, but it was worth it! I spent 6 hours there. Main events that I remember are dancing on the subwoofers, dancing with the best dancer there and getting a pic with her, and them playing trance! Oh yeah, the sex on the beach was good too!

• I've been buying vinyls lately. Seems that some trance tracks don't come out in CDM format, so I need to buy the vinyl and rip it to CD using Aaron's turntable. That way, I have the song legally on CD format in great quality (not trashy MP3) and can use it on my DJ CD players!

• Not most teens will say this (I know I'm 22, but I still feel like a teenage, not sure if that's good or bad...) but I have enjoyed having my mom live in my city. She's pretty cool to hang out with =)

That's about it... should bring you up to date. I'll try to be more active in posting now. With my night shift, this is hard. Talk to you all later =)

» I just had to...
You're Ted, the Food Guy!

Which Member of the 'Queer Eye' Fab Five Are You?


I also just finished my 2 hour mix for the radio station! I am very proud of this one =)
» BIG Update
Just thought that I would let everyone know that I applied for a job at ACS, Inc. as a data entry processor and I got it! I just started this week. The training is paid and after training we are paid for document entered so I'll be making between 12 and 18 an hour. WEEEE!!! I'm very excited about this. This is on the new Medicaid contract that EDS used to have, but they lost it. So ACS is doing a lot of hiring. If you also want to work there, here are the requirements:
8000 KPH typist with minimal errors
That's it! They really want people. Apply here...
Data Entry Operator (95)

Also, my friend Danny is also working on my shift and a roommate I almost moved in with (Kristi) should be starting soon. It's a great company to work for and people are discovering that.
» Stupid Lotto Emails
This was quite amusing to trip on. I've been seeing reports of these and I have gotten one. I want to investigate this myself and respond to this email and see what happenes. I will post everything in here. Click below for the email and my response...

» Roommate situation looking better
Well I've been stressing out lately in trying to find a plausible roommate who makes contact and I found one. Turns out after doing my background check (putting her name in google) I found out she had a livejournal account. So now she gets to know all about me (maybe too much). Oh well, what the hell! The place looks nice. It will probably be just about $400/mo after all the bills (hoping) and it's in a good north location. Right next to where I used to work for Xbox and IBM at Harte-Hanks. Maybe that's a good sign? Then I have this other possible roommate, but she's always slow in getting back with me. The good thing is they both seem to like EDM so that's good.

Well when I went to interview at IRS, turns out it was first come first serve and I wasn't early enough. So I'm trying again this week. The problem was is their stupid jobline sounded like they wanted me to go the Rundberg (hooker street) office and I went there and it was closed (due to it being 4:30). The thing was supposed to be at 5:30 and they suggested going an hour early. So here I am. I bang on the door hoping for someone to come out... no one. Then I hit the handicap button and I watched the doors try to open, yet they didn't. Then this pissed security guard came out and was like "Don't hit that button! As you can see on the door it says it closes at 4:30!" I told him I was there for the job interview, and he told me it was at the 71 and I-35 junction. Crap! Now i had to head back South in rush hour traffic. I got there around 5 and before I could even pull into the parking lot, the rent-a-cop told me that they aren't accepting anymore people for testing that day so I had to come back next week. POO!

In better news, I'm finally a resident DJ somewhere. It's for Habitat Productions in Houston, TX. You can check them out (and my profile under DJ Roster) at trax.to/habitat. You can also download my crappy demo!

Keeps on spinnin' the trance!
» My secrets are known!
Well it seems that people seem to be finding my site with Google. Yay for them! Here is on instance of me being found out! MY PLANS HAVE BEEN RUINED!!!

Ungrateful Sluts!
» Roommate success =)

Well yes! I posted an ad on an overpriced site called easyroommate.com. It charges 3 times as much as roommates.com but more people are on it. Well I got TWO calls today from girls who needed a roommate =) What's cool is one of the calls went like this...

Christy chick: To reply to your comments, my best friend is a DJ, I don't mind video games, I love going clubbing in fact I'm still tired from last night from being out, and trance is great! Call me as soon as you can. Thanks!

The other one was named Erin and didn't go into much detail. But that makes two new contacts! I might be moving out early =)
» bleh...
You are US Garage! You've got a big, flamboyant
personality, and nobody belts out a tune like
you. Your friends love you like crazy, but
others feel just a bit funny when you show up.

What house music subgenre are you?

Bleh, US Garage? Is anything worse? Oh yeah, hip-hop. By the description I think it could also mean VOCAL TRANCE! YEAH! I AM VOCAL TRANCE!!!

Also, roommate searching blows! But I did find this one guy off of globalbeatz.net from the post I put there about finding a good trance club in Austin, TX. He seemed cool. We've been talking for nearly a month and his parents are kicking him out saying he should live on his own (or pretty much, anywhere but there). He used to smoke weed spiratically but then quit. When he quit, he told his parents. Parents were not happy. So that's the story I know =P But yeah, me and him could get an apt. together or something! As long as my credit isn't checked and the electricity is in his name, I'll be good =)
» Back in the rat race!!

Update: that was retarded! I had "disallow comments" checked for some reason. Well I fixed it so comment away =)

YES! It didn't take long at all! I got myself a job =) I'll be working at Harte-Hanks again but a different location. Pays a little bit more than my last job and is starts monday! YAY! It's via Staffmark, which is an invitation-only temp agency so I'm really excited about it.

I've also become an official releaser for this group so now I have access to that FTP site I used to have access to until my IP changed (because I moved out). But because I submitted two releases they didn't have, I get my own account. YAY! Here's what I released:

YAY ME! Now I can get access to promos and such.

I also took pictures at the Ian Van Dahl concert and got her signatures on two of my singles and an autographed photograph. I'll have those up on here soon =)
» Dominic? Kathryn? Anyone?!
If any of my colleagues from Work see this post, please comment with contact information (at least an email) because I want to know what happened to my co-workers =(
» Screw you SpankTec!
WELL DAMNIT! I was so excited about surviving Round 1, 2, and 3 of the temp dumps. I didn't know there was going to be a Round 4! Well I was a part of that one and it pisses me off! I think they let everyone go but one or two people. I don't know if they're even left anymore. So I come into work at 7 AM as I always do to find an empty office. Usually the case since I'm one of the first people to get in. Well my friend Jason never shows up! I guessed he was late or something. I saw Kathryn come in around 8 but that was it. Then at 8:30 my supervisor Orlando came by and said we needed to talk. He took me in the hallway and told me "Did Manpower contact you last night? Well, due to us needed to reduce force, several people have been let go, you're one of them. Get your stuff, give me your badge, and I'll escort you out the door." DAMNIT! This was so reminding me of how they let me go at Apple almost 3 years back. I gathered my crapload of food items (I had just gone to the grocery store for breakfast and food items so I wouldn't have to eat at the cafeteria) and he took me outside to my car. I then picked up my cell phone to call Manpower:
Manpower Ho: Thank you for calling Manpower. How may I help you?
Me: Hi, this is James Hoyt. I was just escorted off from my job at BancTec and I was wondering...
Manpower Ho: *click*
I was like "That stupid Manpower Ho hung up on me!" Then I realized the mic didn't work on my cell phone (a.i. - my last post) so I went by BK to get some French Toast to waste time until Manpower opened at 9, then I went in to find out that they let me go just because they had to reduce staff then they said if they ever got anything in, they'd call me. I have a good line of experience with them, that's why I was surprised I was one of the ones cut. I'm sure it wasn't personal. So I'm going to pursue that insurance job. I returned his call so I'm waiting for that famous "call back" where I can't answer because the mic in my phone is dead! ARRGHHH!!!!

ARGGHHH!! My Visor Prism's mic just went out. I call people, they can't hear me at all but I can hear them. I tried taking apart the phone and checking the wires to the mic and the connection and cleaning off some dust, still no luck. No great event happened before it stopped working (a.i. I didn't drop it or swim with it) so I don't know what caused it. The phone has been banged up for awhile and I wouldn't mind getting another phone but I don't want to pay more than $150 for one but I know any phone I find for that price is not going to have Palm OS built right in. My only option is probably to buy another Visor Prism from eBay and use that one instead. Or I could blow $130 or so for a used Treo 300... but why when the 600 is out! ARRGHHH!

I call people and people call me and all we do is go "hello, hello, hello" back and forth.
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